Hacking the Aging Process

By Brenda Maller and Marc Sotkin

HACKING THE AGING PROCESS (HTAP) isn’t about beating Father Time. That simply can’t happen. It’s tempting, in a society that worships youth, to try. But no matter how much we exercise, or how much Botox we shoot into our lips, the march of time, our time, continues. So even though following the HTAP program will make you feel younger, and probably look younger, it’s not our goal.

HTAP is about valuing whatever time we have by making ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually as present as we can be so we can experience the journey as fully as possible.

It’s about embracing our human potential for the entire ride. It’s about quality of life. Will there be challenges? You bet. We believe that meeting those challenges with strength, health, and happiness will make the journey that much more rewarding.

HTAP will provide you with the tools you’ll need for a successful journey.