First off, I’m a guy in his 70’s. I could live another year. I could live another 20 years. I could be dead later today. But no matter how much time I have left, if I spend it playing Word Wipe, or Freecell, or some other stupid computer time suck, I’ll kill myself.

I mean, at this age, even if you’re into porn, how many times a day can you play with your self? Ladies? Come on. We know what you’re up to.

Anyway, I’m hoping that creating some new content will keep me busy for another few years. If some doctor tells me I only have a few months left, I’ll immediately go back to Word Wipe. What difference does it make?

Okay, the second reason I’m doing this is because with the shape the world is in right now, I figure some of you could use a couple of laughs. So, I’ve put a lot of stuff that I’ve written over the years, including my novels that are normally for sale on Amazon, in The Writers Drawer. And it’s all available for free download.

So, if you’ve ever enjoyed my work on TV shows like Laverne & Shirley, or The Golden Girls, or the specials I wrote with Garry Shandling, download one of the titles. It’s all free and I guarantee you’ll get a few laughs or I’ll give you your money back. But it’s free. Anyway, there are novels, and scripts, and videos, so I hope you’ll look around and let me know what you think.